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Begin Your Dogs Transformstion Today

Schedule a FREE Consult now to start your journey to a better relationhip with your dog

If you want to:

  • Go to fun places with your dog.

  • Become more confident and less fearful in public.

  • Enjoy walk your dog nicely on a loose leash.

  • Have your pup greet people and other dogs politely.

  • Come when called.

  • Respond to off leash commands.

  • Greet guests at the front door appropriately.

  • Stay in a sit or down until verbally released.

  • Learn to self impose a state of calmness in your dog.

  • Relax in the presence of other dogs.

  • Give or drop an item on cue.

  • Pay more attention to you despite distractions.

  • Learn how to feed your dog healthier foods.

  • How to transition to a raw diet & the benefits.

  • Learn to train a Personal Protection Dog and more...

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